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Ring Sizing

Getting the right size ring can be tough, but we are here to help! Here are our top recommendations on how to find your accurate size.

METHOD 1 (most accurate):
Order our FREE ring sizing kit with the purchase of a ring to get the most accurate size. When adding a ring to your bag you will be asked if you'd like to receive a sizing kit, click "Order Ring Sizing Kit" and one will be added to your bag along with the pending size ring. We will send you a ring sizing kit after placing the order followed up by an email asking for your size. Once we receive your confirmed size, we will start the production of your ring!

The ring sizer will be shipped within 5-7 business days. Ring sizing kits will ship via USPS.

Sizing Tips:

  • Pop out the sizers and choose one that fits snugly.
  • Choose a ring that fits over the knuckle but is tight enough that it won’t slip off your finger too easily.
  • Your finger size fluctuates throughout the day so be sure to measure your finger multiple times throughout the day.  
  • Keep in mind if you are not used to wearing a ring it may feel tight at first, so we recommend wearing the sizer for a couple hours to get a sense of how it feels.
Ring Sizing Kit

You can also print out our Ring Size Guide for free and get an idea of your finger size that way. Before printing, be sure that you are printing on U.S. Letter paper and that it is scaled to 100%. Uncheck any boxes that say “Fit to Page” or anything similar. Your scaling may be located inside "Custom Settings". Take an existing ring that you already have (that fits the correct finger exactly) and place it over the circles until you find one that matches the inside of your ring. 


You can create your own ring sizer by cutting out the template on our Ring Size Guide. Wrap the ruler around your finger at the base, and pull the tapered end through. We also recommend measuring your knuckle to ensure that your ring will fit comfortably. You will want to choose a size that fits over your knuckle but doesn’t slip off too easily.