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The jewelry we forge is made with recycled precious metals. Our refined gold and platinum are of the same high quality as newly mined metals.


Gold mining has a history of civil war, labor abuses, and environmental devastation. As part of our commitment to social & environmental responsibility, we handcraft our fine jewelry from recycled precious metals. Our objective is to diminish the negative impacts of mining by reducing the demand for newly mined metals.

Recycled precious metals are an important component of Benchmark's commitment to the environment. We are also committed to environmental responsibility throughout the jewelry production process. We look for ways to reduce environmental impact, such as emissions cleaning systems and processes to prevent contaminants from being released into the environment. View All


It means that we are using precious metals that currently exist and that have been previously mined. One of our many environmental objectives here is to diminish the negative impacts of mining by reducing the demand for newly mined metals. Benchmark is heavily committed to environmental responsibility throughout the production process. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce environmental impact by minimizing emissions and contaminants. More information available upon request.

Our Metals

The jewelry we produce is made with recycled metals of the highest standard and our selection of metal options brings exciting new looks into the marketplace.


Our most popular metal for engagement rings and wedding bands, platinum's naturally white sheen will never fade or change color, and accentuates the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond. Platinum will last forever, making it the ultimate symbol for true, enduring, and everlasting love. View All


Gold has an extraordinary heritage with unique qualities. As an enduring element found naturally in a distinct yellow color, it is resistant to rust, tarnish, and corrosion. Although very strong, it's also the most malleable of all precious metals. Benchmark gold wedding bands are made from 100% recycled gold, sourced directly from suppliers with SCS Recycled Content certification. View All

Damascus Steel

Damascus steel, that has its own somewhat mythical origin story, rooted in the Near East. It can be traced back to India to around 500 AD. These steels have an attractive surface pattern composed of swirling patterns of light-etched regions on a nearly black background. The pattern-welded steels are produced by forge welding alternating sheets of high and low-carbon steels. This composite is then folded and forge welded together, and the fold/forge cycle is repeated until a large number of layers are obtained. View All


Made from a highly durable alloy, cobalt is four times harder than platinum while at the same time, less dense. Because of its natural hardness, cobalt jewelry is extremely scratch, chip, and corrosion-resistant. Its lower density and natural malleability allow for strong, dynamic designs with less weight. Cobalt is also hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or an active lifestyle. View All

Black Cobalt

Blackened Cobalt is simply Cobalt but with a PVD process applied to it. The composition of Black Cobalt is no different than that of basic cobalt. Black Cobalt is also hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or an active lifestyle. View All


Titanium is a unique and strong metal with incredible value for men’s wedding bands. With a solid foundation in the engineering and aerospace industries, titanium has a proven track record as an enduring metal. View All

Black Titanium

Benchmark Black Titanium is manufactured through a natural process of vapor- deposition involving vacuum chamber technology. The process permits the blackening to penetrate far beyond the ring’s surface giving it more longevity than other similar products. View All

Grey Tantalum

Tantalum is the newest addition to our contemporary metals and it is highly scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic. Naturally a blue-gray metal, our tantalum is 99% pure. It is important to note that Benchmark only uses conflict-free tantalum processed in non-conflict mines and production facilities. View All

Black Tantalum

Black Tantalum is achieved through an organic process of proprietary heating and cooling techniques. Black Tantalum is still pure Tantalum and no chemicals or coatings have been used in achieving the natural “Blackened” look. View All