Benchmark Wedding Rings


Receive your Lifetime Guarantee card with the purchase of any Benchmark ring to register for a variety of lifetime services ranging from resizing to refinishing. To locate your nearest Benchmark retailer for more information, please navigate to the "Locate a Retailer" page.

I purchased my Benchmark ring and the retailer didn’t give me any lifetime Guarantee information. Is my ring covered?
Some retailers offer their own warranties and service plans and choose not to participate in our program. Contact the retailer you purchased from directly about this issue.
I tried to register my Benchmark ring online and it says that the registration number already exists in the system. What do I do?
Some retailers choose to register your ring for you at point of sale and this is more than likely the cause for this message. Please contact your Benchmark retailer and see if they have registered for you.
What exactly does the Benchmark Lifetime guarantee cover?
As long as your ring is registered in accordance with the lifetime guarantee and within 30 days of your purchase date it is covered for lifetime resizing and refinishing.
The Lifetime Guarantee card states that resizing and refinishing will be free of charge however my retailer said there will be charges. Why is this?
The guarantee card does state that fees may apply and that postage is the consumer/retailer’s responsibility. Also if you are sizing up you will potentially be charged for any additional metal costs. Any other fees that apply would be between you and the retailer. Please contact the retailer for more clarification.
My ring is registered and needs warranty work. Can I just send it directly to you?
We do not work directly with consumers. All returns or service work under the warranty must go through an authorized Benchmark retailer. Please use the “Locate a Retailer” portion of our site to locate the nearest Benchmark retailer. If you cannot find one on the site, please call us at 205-345-0555 ext.1 and customer service will gladly direct you to the nearest authorized dealer.
I have lost my Benchmark ring. What are my options?
The lifetime guarantee does not cover lost or stolen rings.
I need to send my Benchmark ring in for sizing and I am not sure if it is registered. How can I find out?
Call the retailer first to see if they have record of your registration. If they cannot help you then call Benchmark customer service for assistance.
Is there a waiting period for my Benchmark lifetime guarantee to start?
All Benchmark rings must be owned and worn for at least 60 days before they are eligible to be returned for service work under the guarantee. The lifetime guarantee does not cover incorrectly ordered finger sizes.

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