Benchmark Wedding Rings



What makes Benchmark’s lifetime guarantee so much better than the rest?
What makes Benchmark's lifetime guarantee so great is the fact that it actually covers your ring for the LIFE OF THE RING. Unlike other guarantees, Benchmark WILL either re-size or replace your ring if your finger size changes over the course of time. Benchmark’s Life-Time Guarantee will also allow you to have your ring re-finished free of charge. Please be sure to register your Benchmark in order to become eligible for the Life-Time Guarantee.
Do you have a Benchmark catalogue for my review?
Due to the fact that Benchmark styles are ever changing and being updated, we encourage you to visit this site for the most comprehensive selection of our products.
How do I know if the ring that I am looking to buy is an authentic Benchmark ring?
All Benchmark rings will be stamped with either the Benchmark stamp or Forge stamp on the inside. If you do not see either the Benchmark or Forge stamp on the inside of the actual ring, it is not an authentic Benchmark.
What is an authorized Benchmark retailer?
An authorized Benchmark retailer is a qualified retailer that sells Benchmark products purchased directly from us and has a good representation of our products.
Can I buy directly from Benchmark?
Because we are the manufacturer and only sell to authorized Benchmark retailers, you cannot purchase directly from us.
Is Benchmark a U.S. based manufacturer and does Benchmark manufacture in the U.S.A?
Benchmark manufactures their products in the U.S.A
How long has Benchmark been in Business?
Benchmark has been producing fine wedding rings for over 40 years.